The World's First Decentralised Global Stock Market for Musicians.

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You as a music artist can be listed as a stock. Your fans and friends can earn money from listening to your music & investing in you.

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Earn Money 

Listening to music & investing in artists  

You as a music fan can now trade stock in any Valyou X listed music artist, anywhere on the planet. When you buy shares in any artist on Valyou X music, you receive the "X" amount of that artists VX digital assets which you purchased directly into your wallet inside the app. These assets represents how many percent shares in the artist you own. By holding onto these digital asset VXD tokens, you will receive a percentage of their revenue they generate automatically according to how much of that artist share you own. You can also decide to sell your shares whenever you wish, potentially selling it at a higher price or according to that artist's current market share price. You could also earn money from listening to music and investing in any particular artists song.  If you are among the first 25% of listeners that buy an artist song through our incentivized Valyou music platform, you will receive a share of the revenue that song generates, Valyou Xchange is coded with smart contracts and Open Assets Protocol, ensuring that buying and selling artist shares online is safe and secure. You can buy and trade using our native cryptocurrency VXD, or with other digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH). Our tokens are issued via ERC 20 Protocol. You will be able to discover artists globally using the artist radar feature and through our built-in 'music social media platform with the functions of a stock exchange, which only allows users to post ' music only ' related contents. If everyone could not only discover but invest in many would be successful artists that are unknown to labels. This provides an alternative to record label deals and solution where record label budgets can't accommodate new signings. 

Artists Stock Xchange

Every artist can get listed, from anywhere in the world

Once an artist lists on Valyou Xchange, four million VXD cryptocurrency limited artist digital asset tokens are created on the blockchain for that artist. Each of these tokens represents their shares which open up for trading amongst music fans, friends & social media public interests who can now be music investors globally just like a music label and invest in artists. Every new artist share price on the platform will open and start trading at 0.50 cents per share. Once all four million of their digital asset shares have sold, that artist will be recognized as a major artist on the Valyou X. Before selling any shares, an artist's default profile tier level will be displayed as "new artist." regardless of how famous they already are or who they were before listing on our platform. This status will only change according to how many of their shares have sold. The fluctuations in an artist's share price is subject to supply and demand. This provides an alternative solution for millions of artists seeking record deals from major labels and companies that only have the capacity to sign very few artist's, granting only a handful of record deals compared to the very high demand from many talented artists globally. Our platform will allow all independent artists to have a significant major type funding through selling their shares to their friend and fans which will enable them to pursue their music career full time and also allow already established artists to generate more revenue from their music through Valyou X. 

Blockchain Tech 

One global music economy,

Valyou Xchange is restarting the entire global music industry by building the next generation digital infrastructure for the music industry. In a concept which implements innovative and data-safe technology secured through a decentralized blockchain. It provides music fans and artists with a transparent, open source ecosystem for trading where anyone can make artists investments. The underlying technology blockchain integration, in one of the many use cases we are implementing in our passionate, driven journey of disrupting the music industry.  This will allows artists in global regions, people living in any country to attract both local and foreign investors into their music careers. Presenting all independent artists with the same typical investment funding opportunity record labels provide to signed mainstream artists. This will also provide visibility and a reduction of risk between artists and investors, as it can cost labels up to cost up to 2 Million or more to invest in an artist and break them into the mainstream. Blockchain also allows us to replace the old music business model and revolutionalize it with our new Valyou X music purchase business model. Our vision of creating one global music economy aligns with blockchain technology in redefining how and why we connect with music. Allowing anyone, like friends and fans to be able to become music investors will not only create more excitement among music fans as it can give users a more robust knowledge and understanding around the music economy and a better understanding of the origin of an artist from grass root levels. The future has arrived. Welcome to Valyou X.
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Music Stock Market 

As an artists anywhere on the planet you can get listed on Valyou Xchange and be live instantly on the Global Music Stock Market, offering your shares to fans and public investors along with your new music and contents. Grow your share price online. Get paid directly through a transparent decentralised source the revenue generated from sale of your shares and when people Valyou your music.

Valyou X Connect

Be the plug and connect with artists, producers, photographers, music video directors, graphic designers or even hire extras & models for your music videos. Valyou X connect feature brings you the music business where you can hire a team to work with you on your projects or collaborate with other artists & get paid for features directly into your VXD online wallet of which you can send or receive payments.

Social Media 

Check out all the latest artist releases and investments from artist and other music fans and investors  live on your Valyou X newsfeed. Social media is saturated with all kinds of post. On VX you only see strictly music and artist related contents for you to Valyou music contents and share opportunities with other fans investors in your network. 

Valyou Music

Heard a song on the radio, social media, MTV, BET, Youtube, Spotify? You can search for that song or the artist and Valyou their music for up to $5. When you valyou an artist song, it is like buying their song but there is incentive for you buy it. You get your cash back with an extra $5 if you are among the first 25% who valyou it you will get to share in the revenue the song generates. You will also have access to the song in your playlist, ad free.

According to research and data supported by

"It can cost between US$500,000 and US$2,000,000 to break an artist in a major recorded music market."

So if record labels had a $10M budget every year, they could only afford to break 5 artists. What that means is not every artists can get signed to a major record label deal regardless of how talented they really are. Millions of talented artists are starving.

Valyou X makes this possible because now ever artist is presented with a major opportunity to raise the same amount of money required to break a major artist through selling their shares to the public.
4 million shares per artist at 0.50C per share raises - $2,000,000

Artist Shares

You can own shares in your favourite artist or even your next door neighbour who is an upcoming artist. For example If a person bought 100 shares in Kanye west or their next door neighbour at 0.50 cents per share for $50. After a while either artists share price increased to $1.50 per share. If you sold the shares you own in either artist, your 100 share units sold times x $1.50 will be $150. Earning you a profit $100 from the sale of those shares excluding the $50 that they initially paid to purchase it.

Valyou Music

Valyou Music is a new way for music consumers to earn money listening to music. It is practically buying music but with an incentive. Using timestamp algorithms and smart contract technology our Valyou music system compensates the first 25% of music consumers who valyou music for a certain amount and pays them a share of the revenue that the song generates. Each user will receive up to $10 per song. Typically fans who are early investors, can now finally be rewarded for being early supporters of a song's release. 

Valyou Xchange Currency (VXD)

Restarting The Music Industry With A New Business Model VXD is a secure universal digital cryptocurrency on an online economy for the 47 billion dollar music industry. Take control of how you use your money to now ' Valyou ' the songs you love and buy artist shares without worrying about exchange rates. VXD offers one currency universal trading solution that can be converted back to your native fiat currency such as USD, AUD, CAD. Created on a blockchain of records using smart contract ERC20 technology allowing for a decentralised  system which excludes human factors, therefore creating a trustless and direct payments system for trading and conducting music business transactions

Our Team

Bobby is a performing music artist with over 150,000 Followers on social media with over ten years of experience in the music business & struggle. 
Bobby Oparaocha - Founder & CEO
Start-up founder and CEO of Blockchain Global, a Bitcoin mining company and largest bitcoin exchange platform in Australia,
Sam Lee - Technical Advisor
Founder of Success with a Friend, a local tutoring business in Melbourne, and ongoing student of the tech-start up space. Background in marketing & banking finance.
Michael Husky Nguyen - Co-founder
Background in senior sales manager , marketing and investments, A professional recognised in the media for outstanding performance.
Monique Ruggieri - Sales & Marketing Advisor
Blockchain developer and backend numerous years of coding experience. Massive fan of the blockchain space.
Rosheel Baig - Developer
A strong technical person with knowledge worked on designing on Amazon technologies. Performing role of iOS Lead. Ad Network, Finance, Trade Apps, Event Management, Social App, Mapping and navigational system applications.
Mohsin Mahmood - Developer
Growth strategist in the world of apps who has contributed to bringing many visions to life in building world-class apps for enterprises and start-ups. Hyper apps Among the leaders in app growth and development in Australia, from idea phase to execution.
Geoff Sim - Growth Strategist - Hyper Apps

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